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A new carpet is an investment that is likely to be with you for years and so, if possible, it is a good idea to choose your carpet first and then match other items to match it when decorating or furnishing a room.

Before you select your carpet, you should think about the color, style and texture that is most suited to your taste and your life style.The type of fibre and the quality of the carpet is equally important because the way it performs on the floor will also be a major consideration.

It is also worth thinking about what you expect from your new carpet and explain that to Trendy Floor’s sales assistant. After all, some people want to change their decorations and furnishings frequently and others want a carpet to last 20 years. Either way, there will a product available to suit your requirements and your retailer will be able to help you find it..

A cheap, low quality carpet may last for a reasonable time from a wear point of view but will probably flatten and lose its appearance quickly. It is also unlikely to provide the comfort level you are looking for and can cost you more in the long run.

You will probably want your carpet to look good for many years. In order to achieve this, there are certain factors which should be taken into account.

For example, a student studying for several hours each night in the relative quiet of a bedroom could generate excessive wear under a deskor table in what would normally be a light wear area. Conversely, a stairway leading to a self-contained flat would receive far less wear.

The principle is fairly clear – identical carpets laid in different wear situations will perform differently. Many people recognize and identify certain brands with quality.  However, don’t buy just on the name alone – ask our sales assistant for advice on the quality that you need and look for added reassurance look at the manufacturer’s suggested wear rating.


A carpet will often attract a description such as ‘velour’ or ‘loop pile’. Most descriptions are fairly obvious in meaning whilst others such as ‘Saxony’ are not. Below are some of the more common styles with a brief explanation.

Level Loop Pile

In this type of carpet all tufts are produced in loops and left uncut. All loops are the same height hence the term “level loop”.

Multi-Level Loop

A “sculptured” effect can be created in a loop pile carpet by using varying pile heights.

Cut and Loop

As the name implies, it is possible to produce carpet containing both cut and uncut tufts.

Velvet or Velour

Relatively short pile, which is often fairly dense. The tufts have a limited degree of “twist” incorporated during the spinning process. This allows the tufts to “burst” open and create the “velvety” appearance.

Twist Pile

The yarns used will have a higher degree of twist than the velvet. As a result the tufts retain a more individual appearance.


The yarns used will be produced by folding two or more individual yarns together. If each component yarn has a different degree of twist, the resultant yarn will not stand upright but will take on an irregular or random appearance.


The tufts will be fairly tightly twisted and “heatset” to retain that configuration. The tuft length will be around 8-12mm (above the backing). The heat setting allows the tufts to remain well defined since the amount of “burst” will be restricted.


Similar to a “Saxony” but without the same degree of heat setting. The tufts will burst open at the tip creating a longer version of the “velvet” or “velour”.

Shag Pile

Tufts can vary from around 25-50mm in length. The extra long pile will considerably increase the cost of the carpet unless compensated by spacing them out into a low-density construction. Most “shag” pile carpets are unsuitable for heavy traffic areas.

Longer pile carpets will tend to flatten quickly and show shading, so should generally be avoided in heavy use areas such as stairs. Loop pile carpets are more prone to snagging and damage by smaller, sharper objects such as pets’ claws, high-heeled shoes or, perhaps,children’s toys.


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