Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is quickly gaining popularity as a durable, all-natural, renewable alternative to traditional hardwood flooring.

Cork has many unique inherent properties which make it an ideal floor covering for most applications. The product is constructed from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, which is harvested every 8 years. Cork is in-sect resistant, anti-static, will not spread flame, and is naturally insulating both ther-mally and acoustically.

Installed directly on the concrete slab in the basement, a cork floor, like laminated flooring, has numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for the basement.

Besides being a green choice, cork flooring has sound insulating properties, so it helps silence footfalls. It’s compressible yet resilient, and is comfortable underfoot — the cushioning helps fight fatigue, so it’s a good choice for a kitchen if you like to spend hours preparing meals.

It’s naturally resistant to mildew, mold and insects, too.

Cork flooring is not without a few drawbacks. The laminated planks and water-based glues and finishes are sensitive to high humidity and splashes, so cork flooring isn’t recommended for bathrooms or damp basements. Cork kitchen flooring is fine as long as any spills are wiped up immediately.


Why Consider Cork?

With all the unique physical qualities cork offers, it is an excellent material for durable, natural, quiet and comfortable flooring. Cork can be compressed yet remain resilient and has the ability to recover from most compressions. It is impervious to water and other liquids, has a high coefficient of friction, low thermal conductivity, and the ability to absorb vibration/sound.


When properly maintained, cork flooring can last for many decades, even under high traffic. Cork has a natural resilience due to its unique cell structure and has the ability to give or bounce back. The Mediterra Cork Collection comes pre finished with 3 coats of commercial grade water-based polyurethane which add durability and resistance to scratches and gouges.

Shade Variations

Since cork is a natural material, shade variations are an inherent characteristic of cork and Medium has the largest range of shade variations of all colors/patterns. Attention to blending shades when installing is necessary. All cork patterns (including hand-laid lines) from Capri are random and not intended to match or line up.


Maintenance of cork requires regular vacuuming/sweeping and damp mop cleaning with neutral floor cleaner as needed. Use mats at exterior doors and do not allow moisture to collect under mats. Use protective furniture footings/pads and chair mats/pads under desks/workstations or other areas where chairs with casters are used, as casters can damage finish. Cork mustbe protected when moving heavy equipment, appliances or furniture. High heels can damage flooring and finish coats.


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