Window Coverings will not only make an astonishing impact on your home décor, but they will also provide you shade and frame your view. Smart Choice Flooring has all the solutions to make your windows look exactly the way you want.

Blinds and shades are enjoying renewed consumer interest. Manufacturers offer many new products in a wide variety ofstyles, colors and innovations. For instance, look for blinds that repel dust. One model reduces static electricity which in turn helps to keep dust from collecting on the surface. Another has an ion alignment that repels dust particles. When shopping for blinds, especially the two-inch or larger slats, these dust repellents could be an important factor. Retail stores and designers show creative stylings and innovative mechanics to update traditional products. They offer many variations of blinds and shades, including wood , vinyl and aluminum blinds;slat widthsfrom ½- to 2-inches or more; horizontal and verticalslats; cellular, pleated, coach shades; and other softly-styled fabric shades. Each category has a variety of features and qualities. Prices vary according to size, material, styling and installation.

Select a window treatment with an eye both toward function and the styling effect desired. Consider first the functions desired from the window treatment. How important are privacy, light control, insulation/energy efficiency and maintenance? Which blind or shade is best suited for the job? Then develop a treatment that will accomplish the needs within your current decorating style.